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Интервью с фанатом ЦСКА

Добавлено: 26 окт 2012, 11:27

Я не говорю на русском. Я буду писать на английском языке.

I am journalist in the french newspaper "Le Courrier de Russie" et I would like to write an article about the russian football fans. for this purpose, I would like to interview someone in your group. I don't speak russian. So the interview should be in english (or in french). If it's not possible, I can try to find a translator. It will be great if the interview could be early next week. I'm in Moscow.

The aim of the article is to show how work the Ultras movement in Moscow. I'm looking for a person involved in the movement and of course who know well CSKA Moscow and its fans.

So if you are the right guy or you know him, please, let me know.

Thank you

Re: Интервью с фанатом ЦСКА

Добавлено: 28 окт 2012, 21:59
Bonne soirée!
Sur ce site, il n'y a pas ultras. Ici, les fans ordinaires.

Je vous encourage à visiter d'autres forums:
- Red Blue World http://rbworld.org/forum/ et le
- CSKA Ultras http://www.cskaultras.ru/forum/

:wink: Bon courage!

Re: Интервью с фанатом ЦСКА

Добавлено: 26 май 2015, 13:17
I was not able to stop the self doubt